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What it means to be human -- by Anne Rice

Anne Rice has written a whole genre of books on the supernatural -- Vampires, Witches, Mummies and even a Genie.
What makes he stories interesting to me is she takes mundane people and puts them into extraordinary situations.

Interview With a Vampire:
  This book (greatly reduced) explored the question:  What would it be like to live forever if that meant killing people constantly??

Queen of the Damned:
  This book in-part discussed whether or not Eternal Life was the "dream" people imagine.    Family grows old and dies on you... political groups you supported are swept sway... music and clothes you liked go out of style...    essentially WHAT in life beyond the immediate gives your life value??

Memnoch the Devil:
  Anne delves into the origins of humankind, as told by the Devil.  In this tale, mankind is basically an experiment by God to discover his/her own origins.  God always existed, according to the story, but wondered if He had come about from something else...or if such a thing was possible -- thus mankind was the experiment to answer the question.

Good and Bad things are allowed to happen because chaos is part of nature (according to the story).   The question is -- what part of your life do you feel has "Value" in a spiritual sense?  

Rames the Mummy:
  This book studied eternal life from a different angle.  Ramses, in life 6000 years ago, drank a potion that granted Eternal Life -- meaning he never died.  His body would hibernate and wither (the tomb in Egypt was an attempt to *die*) until it was hit by light.

The downside of this was Ramses body regenerated totally ... including his brain cells... which meant that he felt EVERY emotion and memory with the full intensity he originally experienced.  Nothing faded for him...which became horrendous after years of having friends die off.   

The moral:  Human existance is *meant* to end at some point... 

and so on.
Anne Ramses examines the human condition in her stories over and over again... making her one of my favorite authors.


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