Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in antifembookclub,
Kipling's Cat

Testament by Romer

Yup, the same guy who did the TV program 'Romer's Egypt' is now looking at the Archeology of the Bible.

there are some surprises here - for the book reveals that the Egyptians knew of a people called 'the Habiru', who were nomads living th the north, and yet the archeology reveals that even if the Hebrews had fled into Sinai and then conquered the land of Canaan in the Bronze Age, there would still be a problem for them - Egypt occupied the whole land right up to the present day Lebanese border.

And yet there was a cluster of small tribes who lived up in the hills who were welded into a confederation, and this confederation was held together by the worship of a common God. By adopting a distinctive god adhering to his cult, they not only prevented themselves being absorbed into the surrounding tribes and culture, but they even began to influence their neighbours.

It is a fascinating story, taking us through the very early civilisations of Mesopotamia, right through to the time of Christ and the Apostles. it also talks about the history of the early explorers and excavators in the Levant. a really fascinating book for anyone with an interest in antiquity.

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