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antifembookclub's Journal

Anti_Feminism Book Club
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This community was started by people over on anti_feminism, and is about books. Books we have read and liked, or didn't like.

It tends to be political, socially aware and about books that are sayin' somethin' rather than just books about trashy romance or gung ho war stories - because we like to think we are deep and go read deep stuff, yanno. Or at least talk about it.
As you can see, da mods here all have a weird sense of humour, but that is part of our inimitable style. It's nothing unpleasant towards anyone else, so all let's honour that and play nice, huh?

So, if you have read something a bit deeper than Mills and Boone or something a bit more highbrow than 'Rambo' lately, tell us!

Tell us why *you* liked it, a bit about the genre and what makes it such a good book - and try not to give away the ending! Cheers!

We may also get round to talking about great movies and stage plays if there is an interest - hell, we might even have 'Sound of Music' singalongs if we ain't careful!
No, just kidding! But please tell us your thoughts. And try not to drag things down with snark and cheap insults. This community started with the aim of bringing the truly cultured together, and some of us would like to keep it that way, thanks. We might even make some new rules if we have too, but right now we are doing fine and intend to keep it that way.